Welcome to my Tech Blog

Hello and welcome to my tech blog! This blog is aimed at bringing you news, hints, tips and scripts to make your life as an Exchange, Ad or VMware administrator easier and to get to grips with new or unusual features.

A little about me – I work at a University in the UK in an architect type role responsible for Active Directory, Exchange, SAN technologies and our VMware infrastrure (AKA our internal Cloud).

As well as this blog, while you’re here check out my Car PC mini site. I’ve stopped working on the Car PC now but while I did it was featured in Custom PC magazine, Gigaherz Magazine, Computer Shopperand CNET.com. I worked on it from 2003 and you can read about how it was put together on my old blog.

If you’re after any advise or want to network feel free to get in touch (more details on my about me pages) via email or twitter.

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