Checking for unmanaged Live IDs in Outlook Live

This isn’t a post for everyone – it’s aimed at Administrators of a Live@EDU / Outlook Live environment who are looking to find existing unmanaged EASI IDs / Windows Live IDs on the domain they’ve brought onto Outlook Live.

If you’re using automated provisioning you’ll find this can be a problem as when you use the New-Mailbox cmdlet it will fail, and you’ll have to re-run it with either the –ImportLiveID or –EvictLiveID options. This script allows you to get a CSV input file, with the column Username and generate a list of the status of the Live IDs so you can embark on your batch creation knowing where you stand.

Usage: .\Check-Unmanaged.ps1 -AdminUsername -AdminPassword Pa$$w0rd -InputFile .\input.csv -OutputFile .\output.csv

The -AdminUsername is typically you’re Outlook Live admin. It needs to be able to connect to the Windows Live Admin web service .-OutputFile is optional – results are printed to the screen also. For each user in your domains you will see either InUse for managed IDs, InUseUnmanaged for IDs you need to evict/import to use and Available for IDs not in use.

The included DLL,  ManageDomain2.dll is required. This is auto-generated from the WSDL. If you wish to generate your own you need Visual Studio 2008 or similar. See the source of the ps1 file for the two-lines you need to re-generate the DLL – it’s just a proxy web service library.

(NB. No warranty is provided with this script, it is provided as-is and any damage it may do is your responsibility. Please use on your own test environment first. That said – apart from connecting to the service, the main method used is GetMemberNameState)


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