A must read: How to use ADFS for OWA access

I’ve just come across a fantastic article by Ken St. Cyr, via BPuhl, that guides through the process of enabling Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 for Exchange 2010 OWA access.

As I’m very much into enabling cross-premises deployments (and have built my own solution against On Premises Exchange and the current certificate-based SSO solution for Outlook Live) I think that ADFS 2.0 is an important enabler when it comes to allowing transparent user access to services wherever they are. It’s my understanding that Federation is on it’s way to BPOS and Outlook Live, so if you’re doing a deployment where you’ll want users to login to OWA at a single point, it’s well worth investing some time in looking at Ken’s article and running through the setup in a lab environment.

Anyway – enough from me, happy reading! Access OWA with ADFS