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Ex-Mgmt-ShellIf you’ve ever wondered how to get started with Exchange Powershell scripting, or have looked for ways to find out more information, bulk modify or automate your environment then hopefully you’ll find this article I’ve recently posted on the Exchange 2010 section on the TechNet Wiki useful.

The Exchange Management Shell isn’t just for large enterprises with large teams. Scripting Exchange can provide benefits to even administrators of small, single server environments; for example to provide reports on recent changes to the environment, collate patch levels or to make laborious tasks simple.

The article provides information about how to get started, where to find useful resources and how to get help if you get stuck, along with information about how to take things to the next level once you’ve found your bearings. As it’s a wiki, feel free to add your own favourite resources and Exchange Powershell related blogs too!

Exchange 2010 Powershell Scripting Resources

2 thoughts on “TechNet Wiki – Exchange 2010 Powershell Scripting Resources

  1. Very nice article. You helped me make a lot of headway on my script. I was wondering though if there is a way to specify a 7 day date in the following script rather than having to edit it every week before the script is run? Below is the script I am currently running but having to edit each week.

    $Members=Get-DistributionGroupMember -identity _AllEmployees

    Foreach($user in $Members){


    Get-MessageTrackingLog -Sender $Emailaddress -Start “10/15/2012 00:00:00” -End “10/18/2012 09:30:00” -EventID RECEIVE| Measure-Object| Select Count, @{Name=’Sender’; Expression={[String]::join(“;”, $Emailaddress)}} | Out-File c:\test\received.txt -append


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