Outlook 2007 update for personal archive and automatic mailbox mapping released


Update: You’ll see Ben Schorr (MVP) has commented that this update is causing problems for some users. A description of the problem is here.

Update 2: Having rolled this update to a large number of users and seen no issues in a corporate environment, it seems issues with this update are limited to Outlook when it’s using non-Exchange connectors. This is confirmed on the MSDN Outlook blog.

Update 3: The Exchange Team have officially annouch the support via this patch over on the Exchange Team Blog.

Just having downloaded the update myself, I was preparing to do a short write-up about the new features that have landed in Outlook 2007 overnight – namely support for personal archives and auto-mapping of shared folders.

However, Michel de Rooij has just posted an article on EighTwoOne giving a quick overview of what the new features do and don’t provide…

Outlook 2007 hotfix for Exchange 2010 Personal Archive support

It’s worth adding that the Outlook 2007 update is available via both Microsoft Update and Windows Server Update Services as KB2412171 so be prepared for it to land on your users’ desktops…



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    • Thanks Ben. I’ve updated this post to reflect this and linked to your article.

      Are you finding people are reporting it for Exchange connected accounts? A quick look at those Technet threads seems to indicate they are mostly personal users.


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