Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011

MCC_Logo_NEWAlong with others, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find an email in my mailbox from Microsoft awarding me one of the Community Contributor awards.

I’m very humbled and grateful to be bestowed with such an honour, and although for the last couple of weeks work commitments have kept me even busier than usual, I think this will provide me some added motivation to keep up the effort both with the blogging and helping out others on the Microsoft forums! Thanks Microsoft!

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011

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  2. Steve,

    I found your blog based on support you offered on the Microsoft forums (Scripting Guys), and I’ve found not only posts on the forums but this blog to be immensely helpful in a few things I’ve been trying to accomplish lately.

    So having said that– congratulations on a well-earned reward!

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