New Release – Exchange 2010 Virtual Load Balancer

An extra added cost to Exchange 2010 deployments is often a hardware load balancer, or even virtual load balancer appliances. These start at over £1000 for some of the cheaper ones and can cost tens of thousands, however there’s open source software out there that can do the same thing, just as well.

I’ve wrapped up some of this software together and built a web-based management interface, the end result being a free, easy to setup and use Virtual Load Balancer appliance that runs in both VMware vSphere and Hyper-V environments.

This is version 0.1 – the very first version, so I don’t recommend it in your production environment just yet; the base Load Balancer, HAProxy, should be rock-solid but overall it just needs a few more features, feedback and bug reports on the management interface.

Read more and download from the Exchange 2010 HAProxy Virtual Load Balancer page…

4 thoughts on “New Release – Exchange 2010 Virtual Load Balancer

  1. am 21years old student and am having a problem with installing Exchange 2010 on VMware Workstation 7 x86. i have a 64bit dell laptop with 4gb ram, core i3 Intel processor. am running Server 2008 R1 inside VMware smoothly though. My question is can Exchange 2010 be installed on a x86 VMware workstation.



    • Hi Ray,

      This isn’t the best place to ask the question.. But, yes it should work. If you can install Windows 2008 R2 then you should be able to install Exchange 2010 SP1.


  2. Steve

    You are amazing. I have been after something like this for years, but have never mind the time to. I look forward to version 0.2, and will happily submit feedback.


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