A quick look at the free Exchange Server 2010 Boot camp from ExchangeServerPro.com

imageA question I am often asked is “Steve, where can I find good training for Exchange 2010”. Although official Microsoft instructor-led courses are available or CBT training from companies like Train Signal, one problem many IT pros have is that their organization won’t pay to send them on training, which can cost thousands of pounds.

So I am very interested to see that Paul Cunningham, who runs ExchangeServerPro.com, has stepped up and put together an Exchange Server 2010 “Boot Camp” which is – get this – absolutely free!

imageLike Microsoft’s own courses, the boot camp is focused on teaching you the core basics you need to set up and administer Exchange 2010 – it isn’t aimed at some of the more complex scenarios like multi-site DAG failover design, but then again the equivalent Microsoft courses don’t either, and they cost a lot of money to attend. But what this does cover is topics such as:

  • How to build your training lab
  • Setup of Windows and Active Directory
  • Installing Exchange Server 2010
  • Configuring Exchange roles including Mailbox, Client Access and Hub Transport
  • Management of recipients, including Mailboxes, Contacts and Distribution Groups
  • Backup and recovery of Exchange

The topics are split up into four modules, and each module is split up into a number of different videos that are easy to digest – for example the Recipient Management module is split up into 6 videos of around 10 minutes or under.

To sign up for Paul’s free training, visit exchangeserverpro.com/training. After a quick sign up process all the training is available on-demand.. Enjoy!

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