The UC Architects – Episode 33 : Managing, Migrating and Moving

If you’ve been waiting for your latest instalment of the world’s best Exchange, Lync and Office 365 podcast, then wait no longer! Episode 33 is now online and ready to download. In this week’s show, hosted by yours truly, I’m joined by Michael Van Hybrid, Dave Stork and John A Cook (with a little guest appearance from Pat!).

Topics discussed include:

  • Lync Conference Sessions from The UC Architects
  • Lync Conference Parties EventZero, LyncdUp, eNow
  • Lync Conference Giveaway – 35 items so far!
  • Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) Sessions from The UC Architects
  • The UC Architects Live From MEC
  • So long RPC/HTTP, Hello MAPI/HTTP
  • Exchange 2010 mailflow troubleshooting guide
  • Exchange 2010 TIFF iFilters (OCR Tiff -> Exchange Search)
  • Slow Response To Exchange Virtual Directory Cmdlets
  • Cmdlet Extension Agents & XML Case Sensitivity
  • Steve Goodman’s Guide for migrating from Exchange 2007 to 2013
  • Use these ideas from Steve Goodman to troubleshoot slow mailbox moves to Office365
  • Dave’s Stork’s From open source groupware solution Zarafa to Exchange Part 1
  • Common mailbox / folder sharing scenarios Guided Walkthroughs now available
  • Exchange 2010 and 2013 Database Growth Reporting Script
  • Stale’s Exchange Integrations and Lync session visions from NIC
  • Get-umAutoAttendantDiagram: Auto Diagram Your Exchange Auto Attendants
  • Lync Meeting Update Tool
  • New blog LyncServer Design/Planning and Policies
  • Worlds first Twitter to Lync IM Bridge
  • Managing Office 365 e-mail addresses easy with PowerShell when using DirSync

For links to everything we talk about, and of course to download the show, head over to The UC Architects website.

So.. what are you waiting for.. Download the podcast now!

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