Product Review : Exclaimer Email Alias Manager

image014_66Recently I had the opportunity to take Exclaimer’s new product, Email Alias Manager for a road test. This was quite timely as over on the new Exchange Ideascale site a few product suggestions asking for this feature are gaining traction.

Both as an Exchange admin and latterly as a consultant I’ve had users and customers ask about this feature and often we need to use workarounds to achieve this, all of which are admin-heavy and clunky for the end-user – so it’s a good feature to see.

Exclaimer Email Alias Manager has a server component, a Transport Agent, and a client-side add-in for Outlook. It works with On-Premises Exchange and Office 365 if you are using Centralised Transport (routing outbound mail via on-premises Exchange). The product is a first version, so it’s not perfect, and I highlight areas where it could be improved, but it’s a pretty good start and integrates well into Outlook.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review : Exclaimer Email Alias Manager

  1. Interesting to here that there are developments in this area. I am looking for a central signature delivery system that works on Office 365 and also can be accessed via mobiles. Is this possible/coming soon?


    • Crosswares new Office 365 email signature manager is the best tool we’ve seen for central management.

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