Choose the best way to include signatures in Office 365

When you move to Office 365, you lose some of the signature management capabilities you’ve become accustomed to with on-premises Exchange Server. Here are two options for getting signatures back.

One challenge enterprises face when moving all email to Office 365 is maintaining centralized signatures. Most options for on-premises Exchange intercept mail on the Exchange Server. If a client-side add-in to Outlook isn’t viable, you’ll need to assess other options.

Office 365 provides some signature management options, and while they likely won’t be as good as third-party options, they are still adequate. Here, we’ll look at the issues you face when implementing signatures in Office 365 and offer some options for resolving them.

In on-premises Exchange, mail flows through servers with the Hub Transport role, which is effectively the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) component of Exchange Server. Third-party signature software plugs into this layer to insert signatures after clients send mail. Third-party options usually are Transport Agents, which plug in at the message transfer stage and allow the third-party custom code to process all messages.

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