New Book – Deploying and Managing Exchange 2013 High Availability

After months of collaborative writing, conference calls late into the evening, lab testing and pooling our combined knowledge, Paul Cunningham, Michael Van Horenbeeck and I are proud to announce the availability of our latest book, Deploying and Managing Exchange 2013 High Availability.

Inside our 250+ page ebook you will learn:

yz8ply-default-checkmark-round-strong-32px  Namespace planning, certificate management and load balancing of Client Access server workloads

yz8ply-default-checkmark-round-strong-32px  Deploying highly available Mailbox servers using Database Availability Groups

yz8ply-default-checkmark-round-strong-32px  Advanced DAG features such as Autoreseed, lagged database copies, and Datacenter Activation Coordination Mode.

yz8ply-default-checkmark-round-strong-32px  The inner workings of Transport and how it protects email in transit from data loss.

yz8ply-default-checkmark-round-strong-32px  Managing and monitoring high availability using the new Managed Availability features of Exchange Server 2013.

yz8ply-default-checkmark-round-strong-32px  High availability for Unified Messaging, Edge Transport, and Hybrid deployments

To coincide with the launch, we’re offering the book with a special 20% discount, at just $27.99 USD for a limited time. To grab a copy, head over to via the download link below. I hope you enjoy reading the book just as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it…



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