How Office 365 Groups will socialize the enterprise

Office 365 Groups came out of Microsoft’s Enterprise Social strategy and the company’s attempts to integrate a number of features across platforms.

Office 365 Groups is part of the first phase of Microsoft’s plan to integrate Enterprise Social features — including Yammer, Lync, SharePoint and Exchange Online — across platforms. The first iteration of Groups will be included in Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business.

Office 365 Groups are different than security groups or distribution groups because shared resources are provisioned and maintained, rather than being just a list of users. The first iteration of Office 365 Group is tied to a mailbox with a social feed and calendar, rather than a traditional inbox, and includes a shared group area of OneDrive for Business.

As with other social platforms, users control Groups management, which is self-service. We’ll take a closer look at the new feature and help you understand where it can be useful.

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