Access Exchange 2013 public folders in a hybrid setup

Organizations that have a hybrid setup with on-premises Exchange 2013 often need a way for users to access Public Folders with mailboxes in the cloud.

The Public Folders feature has been a part of Exchange for many years. And although Microsoft and IT admins might prefer they didn’t exist, they are useful and end users love them.

In Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Online, Microsoft removed many of the pains IT admins faced with modern Public Folders. These systems store Public Folder content inside special Public Folder mailboxes, allowing them to be stored within Mailbox Databases. Modern Public Folders use Database Availability Groups for high availability and replication.

Organizations that want to implement a hybrid coexistence with on-premises Exchange 2013 need to give end users, with mailboxes hosted in the cloud, access to Public Folders. However, Microsoft’s documentation only covers legacy versions of Exchange. This tip shows how to configure Exchange 2013.

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