Product Review: Stellar Mailbox Exchange Toolkit

A failed Exchange database, the inability to restore from backups or being tasked with recovering data from an old OST file on a departed employee’s laptop. All are nightmare scenarios for an Exchange administrator and if a tool hasn’t already been purchased, could easily result in searching the Internet for solutions and then trying two or three until a working, suitable tool has been found – often at great expense.

Stellar Data Recovery have packaged up a number of tools in their Exchange recovery portfolio and provide them as a bundle or individually. Given the large discount on the whole suite when bought up-front it’s fair to assume that most purchases of the individual tools are in response to an emergency, so at face value it seems to make a lot of sense to buy the toolkit up-front in case it is ever needed.

The tools included in the Exchange Toolkit and reviewed here are as follows.

  • Stellar Phoenix Exchange Recovery
  • Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange
  • Stellar OST to PST Converter
  • Stellar Exchange BKF Recovery

Some of these tools will work well together – like the Exchange BKF Recovery followed by the Mailbox Extractor, whilst the OST to PST converter sits slightly apart with a focus on client-side recovery from Outlook offline cache files. We’ll look at each product individually and then give an overall rating on how they stand together as a toolkit. But, for those in a hurry, because perhaps you’ve got a broken Mailbox Database that needs fixing; yes – the tools work!

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