Webinar – Understanding what you get with Office 365 E5

imageI recently presented a webinar on behalf of Content and Code all about the Office 365 E5 suite. Rather than just provide the type of sales information you normally hear in these kind of webinars, I’ve put together information about each individual service that you get, which is surprisingly quite a lot compared to the products you got at launch and a world away from the days of the E3 suite.

Rather than re-write the synopsis – read below to find out more about what’s the webinar itself:

What will you learn about Office 365 E5?

  • How Skype for Business can simplify and connect your teams with one platform for calling, conferencing, video and collaboration
  • How your security is handled with increased privacy and transparency for you, with Advanced Threat Protection
  • How to analyse unstructured data, perform efficient content reviews and enable better decision making with Advanced e-Discovery
  • Gain organisational insights through simple dashboards and compelling data visualisations through Power BI

The great thing about the webinar is that it’s available on-demand. so if you’ve missed it – feel free to sign up now and watch at your leisure.