Episode 63 of the UC Architects podcast is out now

UCA63We’ve had a six month break from the UC Architects without any good reason whatsoever, apart from being really busy and life continually getting in the way.

That’s not a good excuse though really, and not something we want to let continue, as we all still enjoy making the podcast – and of course still have tons to talk about. The role of a UC-focused Technical Architect, Consultant or operations person isn’t going anywhere soon and now more than ever, IT Professionals are essential to the success of their IT departments and employers. AKA – not only do we still have something to say – there’s people just like us out there who we hope will continue to enjoy the podcast!

So Easter Sunday seemed like a good day to resurrect the podcast – picked completely coincidentally by Tom Arbuthnot simply based on Sunday is not a bad day for us to all find a little bit of time.

On this episode I’m hosting, and I’m joined by John A Cook, and long time listeners will know that (again coincidentally) by picking Google Suite vs Office 365 as a topic this one would take longer than normal. And it did! Rather than try and cover everything new over the last six months, we’ve focused instead on the most interesting new updates you need to know about including the biggest new releases of interest.

You can read more and download Episode 63 – Two go off on a tangent – from the UCA site now, or grab it from iTunes, Stitcher or your favourite podcast app..