Complete Guide to Eradicating Public Folders: Moving Exchange Public Folders to New Platforms

Do you like Public Folders? No? Want to get rid of them? Then this is the book for you. Vasil Michel, Dan Clark and myself have put together a short book aimed at helping you achieve this.

In the book, you’ll find a brief history of public folders, and if you want to understand exactly why public folders are so popular with Exchange users, then you can read about the various use cases.

We also take you through understanding what replacement options are out there – different targets, such as Shared Mailboxes, Office 365 Groups and SharePoint are all good, but this needs to be combined with an understanding of the use cases for the source data.

Then, in the last two chapters of the book we cover migrating public folders, both via using Microsoft’s native methods and my main contribution to the book, we look at some really good third-party tools you can leverage to make a fast, simple transition.

You can find the book for purchase and download on Amazon – both in the USA / Globally and in the UK