On Exchange 2010 and not moving to Office 365? Start planning for Exchange 2016

If you are planning to migrate to Office 365 shortly – then Exchange Server 2010 is a great platform to enable your migration to the cloud, and today there’s no reason to upgrade simply to migrate to Exchange Online.

However if you don’t plan to move to Office 365 in the new few years, the clock is ticking if you still run Exchange 2010. Extended support for that messaging platform expires in January 2020. It makes sense to move to Exchange 2016 now, whether you plan to put your email system in the cloud in the future or not.

A company that waits until the end of support for Exchange 2010 limits its choices and invites the administrative headaches of a rushed migration. Explore your options, and discover the perks of a messaging platform designed in the cloud era. Exchange 2010 shops should plan to migrate to Exchange 2016 sooner rather than later.

In my article on SearchExchange find out more about what problems you might encounter if you don’t consider a migration to the cloud or Exchange 2016 soon, and what to do about it.