Getting started with Cloud App Discovery

Employees that use unsanctioned apps can jeopardise the business. Cloud App Discovery generates detailed reports on unapproved services to help IT mitigate risk.

Do you know what end users do with a company’s data? Do they use Dropbox to share documents with clients? Discuss trade secrets via Slack? Plan secret projects on Trello? The Cloud App Discovery feature in Office 365 reveals certain shadow IT practices admins need to know to secure the enterprise.

End users often enlist cloud services to perform their jobs, but the practice of introducing unsanctioned apps invites risk. It circumvents security practices, which potentially opens the company to an unexpected compliance issue or a cyberattack. Cloud App Discovery uncovers shadow IT without the need to implement agent-based software on users’ computers and mobile devices.

In my guide on SearchExchange, I show you how to identify and monitor use of unauthorized cloud services within the organization — and what to do about it.