NETsec contactSync – Sync contacts from the GAL to mailboxes

If you have had the misfortune of needing to perform any sort of contact synchronization then you’ll have shared the pain of many other system administrators and consultants. In general, syncing contact records within your company or with another company is something that can become both time consuming to set up, but also very complex to maintain.

contactSync online is not a product that will solve every problem when it comes to contact and identity synchronization, nor does it aim to. However, it fills an interesting gap that makes the lives of users much easier, and makes sharing contacts with selected partners very simple.

The aim of contactSync is to automatically synchronize mailbox, mail user and contact records within your Global Address List (GAL) to Office 365 mailboxes as contact folders. Not only can you synchronize records from the GAL to your internal users, but you can also share groups of contacts with external partners.

This presents a number of immediate benefits to the end user experience, because contacts within the mailbox are critical on mobile devices to enable people to find one another on their company mobiles and recognise who is calling, and of course select people from mobile devices with ease.

In this review, we’re mindful that NETsec already have products that cover additional scenarios, such as GAL sync between organizations and on-premises contact synchronization. We’ve reviewed NETsec products in the past and found their GALsync product to be class-leading. In this context we’re hoping to see a product that is Office 365 focused and provides rapid return on investment.

You can read the full review over on the Techgenix website..