Episode 1 of All About 365 with Jay and Steve is online!

I’m back behind the mic for an all new podcast, joined by my fellow Office 365 MVP Jason Wynn for a regular coffee and chat about All Things 365!

Every couple of weeks, we’re getting together for a brew and chat about hot topics in the world of Microsoft 365, in particular Office 365, EM+S and getting under the hood of the practicalities of deploying and managing Teams, Skype, Exchange Online, Azure AD and much, much more.

Long time listeners to The UC Architects will remember myself and the crew used to get together over Skype – which was a pain to edit and also very difficult when it came to getting a bunch of busy people together from a variety of timezones, but for this podcast Jason and I are trying a different approach.

For All About 365 with Jay and Steve we have the benefit that although Jay has a Texan drawl – he’s based in the UK not a million miles away from me, so when we say we’re getting together for a coffee, we’re not kidding. Of course, we’ll be joined from time to time by friends from Microsoft and fellow MVPs – we’ll both be in Seattle this time next month – where better to get a caffeine fix and chat about tech?

In Episode One – Talking Teams, I chat with Jason about Teams Video conferencing. In particular, what I am interested in getting to the bottom of is – how ready is Teams to replace your room conferencing systems? What should you consider when picking Teams or Skype for Business Online for a new deployment? What are the weaknesses, and how to overcome them? You’ll find answers to these questions and more in the podcast!

You’ll find Episode One below, at our podcast site, on iTunes, Stitcher and you can subscribe with your favourite podcast app using the feed.