In Episode 28 of the All About 365 podcast, we discuss Windows 10 planning and rollout tips and tricks

In this week’s All About 365 podcast, Jason and I are joined by Robert Epstein, Product Marketing Lead for Microsoft 365 to talk about Windows 10 in the Enterprise.

On the show today, we’ve got a particular focus on what this means for Windows 10 adoption and the role IT Professionals play. Could this be your last Windows upgrade? We ask the following big questions:

  • Why move from Windows 
  • Microsoft 365 – where does Windows fit in 
  • Are businesses moving to Windows 10? 
  • How to deal with Application Compatibility? 
  • Modern management models? 
  • What is Microsoft Managed Desktop?
  • Windows 10 had reliability issues last year – how have Microsoft addressed this? 
  • Do businesses have to take updates as they come?  
  • What about VDI and the Cloud? 

A big thank you of course to Robert, from Jason and I for joining us and to the Microsoft team behind the IT Implementer site for putting us in touch and helping organize.

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