In Episode 31 of All About 365 – (Microsoft) Search and you will find

Microsoft Search is supposedly the answer in Office 365 to finding everything you need – or is it? In this week’s episode, Steve and Jay are discussing Microsoft Search and seeing what it’s like today – nearly a year after it was launched.

Will it replace Delve? Will it be your go-to for finding anything across the service? Is it free, or does it require a special add-on licence to your tenant? We find out this and more in the show today.

Key talking points in the show today:

  • What is Microsoft Search?
  • Is it a posh version of Bing?
  • How do we use it?
  • How do we access it?
  • What license SKU is it part of?
  • What does it connect it to?
  • How do you manage/administer it?
  • Is it only Microsoft Applications or other places too?
  • Is it in the Office apps yet?

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