It’s all about Private Channels in Microsoft Teams on the All About 365 podcast

On the show today, we’re talking about Microsoft Team’s new feature announced today at Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Private Channels. As the most up-voted feature for Teams on uservoice – with over 22K votes and 1800+ comments, a lot of people have been waiting for this for a while.

So it might come as no surprise that we’ve been giving Private Channels a lot of thought – and in the show we start with a bit of an overview of where Private Channels fits within Teams itself and why you might want to use it before going under the hood to examine what exactly is available out of the box.

On the show today we go beyond the basics of what Private Channels actually are and explore how it works under the hood. Listen to today’s show to understand the key information you need to know before you unleash it on everyone in your organisation…

As always, this episode’s show notes – 

  • What are Teams and Channels and what are their relationship to Office 365 Groups and services. In a nutshell – Teams creates a SharePoint Site Collection for every Private Channel where documents are stored.
  • What about Office 365 group classifications – is this related?
  • What about Teams Group Chats – is this another way to have private conversations with a group of people
  • Why do people want Private Channels?
  • Examples of industries and sectors where this will be useful
  • How do Private Channels work?
  • What is the impact on your Teams (and SharePoint) Information Architecture?

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