Microsoft’s Sean Wilson joins us for Episode 38 – Accelerating Teams Enablement

We’re back from our Christmas and New Year break and now February is upon us,we’ve got a ton of new podcasts making their way to your ears.

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Microsoft’s Sean Wilson for his second outing on the All About 365 podcast. Long time listeners will remember Sean joined us in 2018 at Microsoft Ignite alongside Jamie Stark, and we caught up with Sean whilst we were visiting Amsterdam for the Teams Airlift back in October 2019.

Sean works as a Solution Architect in the Microsoft 365 Center of Excellence and as you might guess from the podcast’s title, is focused on Microsoft Teams. In Sean’s role he works closely with Microsoft Partners – who are typically key in a lot of Teams deployments, and is responsible for a lot of content Microsoft Partners are familiar with, such as the Skype to Teams planning workshops.

We sat down with Sean to quiz him more on what his job involves, where Partners are important, how he’s seen the market changing and we discussed some of the techniques that can be used to accelerate a deployment of Microsoft Teams.

Our show notes from the episode:

  • Where are Microsoft Partners relevant when it comes to Teams deployments?
  • What new offerings have Microsoft got available that help customers and consultants with Teams enablement?
  • Are meetings a good place to start? If not, where is?
  • Where are Microsoft making investments in the Teams platform?
  • How is the role of IT decision making changing?
  • Where does Microsoft and Partners fit between IT and the business?
  • Why is Adoption and Change Management important?
  • How do multiple generations of people use the technology in different ways?
  • What is happening to traditional audio-visual roles and departments in organisations?

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