Episode 40 – Before and after migrating to Microsoft 365 – what should you consider?

On the show this week, recorded live at Microsoft Ignite the Tour, we’re joined by migration experts from Quadrotech, a company that make migration, monitoring and adoption software for Microsoft 365. Having spoken with Mike and Doug many times before for advice and guidance, they joined us on the All About 365 podcast to share some of their expertise. Mike comes from a migrations background, with tons of experience with Exchange and Enterprise Vault and (quite importantly these days) mergers and acquisitions and Doug comes from a background that includes SharePoint, Office 365 monitoring and prior to working for Quadrotech worked at Quest, Dell and Cogmotive.

On the show today we wanted to get Mike to share some of his experience in real-world migrations and the extensive planning that goes into them to get them right. And after you move to Microsoft 365 the journey really begins and we wanted to get Doug to talk to us about some of the challenges people have once the migrate and what managing Microsoft 365 further down the road entails.

Our show notes from today’s episode are as always, below:

  • Pre-Migration Issues
    • Where do these come up?
    • Straightforward deployments and migrations – 1-1 migrations from existing environments, where is it easy?
    • Where does it become complex?
      • Third-party systems?
      • Complex multi-forests?
      • Archive migrations?
      • Mergers and acquisitions?
    • Email?
    • OneDrive?
    • SharePoint?
    • Teams?
  • Post Migration management challenges
    • What’s the challenge with managing after migration?
    • Do you need a target operating model?
    • How to you keep up with changes to the cloud?
    • How do you monitor stuff?

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