In Episode 41 of the All About 365 podcast, we’re talking Exchange with Microsoft’s Greg Taylor

If you’ve worked with Microsoft Exchange then you should be familiar with Greg Taylor, who is known to many for his work over the years within the Exchange Product Group with Client Access. Many of today’s features people take for granted in the product Greg had a role in, and if you’ve been to Microsoft Ignite over the last few years to hear about what’s new in Exchange Online or for the launch of Exchange 2019 then you will have heard or seen Greg present sessions. It’s been nearly seven years since Greg joined me on a podcast (live on stage in Las Vegas in 2013, when I hosted the UC Architects) and I suspect it won’t be the last.

Jason and I originally recorded this episode a couple of months ago on our own to talk about some of the latest improvements coming both to Exchange Server, and to Exchange Online, but when I realised Greg, Jay and myself were going to be in the same place at the same time (at Ignite the Tour London) I took the opportunity to sit down with Greg and get an episode recorded.

On the show today we talk about what the current state of Exchange is today – are people still running on-premises Exchange, and deploying (spoiler – I know they are!) and what the future holds for Microsoft’s enterprise email product. We talk about when you will finally be able to remove the last Exchange Server and about some of the newer advancements coming for both people using Outlook & Exchange and people administering it in Office 365.

Our show notes from the episode:

  • Is anyone left on-premises? And are people still deploying Exchange Server today?
    • What features didn’t come to on-premises and why
    • Exchange 2010 was going to out of support on the 14th of January – but has been extended to October. Why?
    • What will happen in October?
      • We know Outlook 2010 won’t be able to connect
      • But will the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) still run?
      • Does that mean no Hybrid migrations for Exchange 2010, or will those left behind have to add in an Exchange 2016 box?
    • What are the new features coming to Exchange Online?
    • What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the last 10 years of Exchange Online in the marketplace and in the product?
    • Did you expect Exchange Online to be so successful?

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