On the show this week, it’s All About Power Apps with MVP Chris O’Brien

This week on the show, Jay and I are joined by fellow MVP, Chris O’Brien to talk about Power Apps. Chris is 12-time MVP for Office Apps and Services and from a developer background – heading up the development team at UK partner Content and Code until recently. Chris is now heading up IT Lab Group’s product and services division, and part of the team responsible for the group’s COVID-19 response.

Chris has been working on complex SharePoint development projects throughout the platform’s history but over the last few years, since the onset of the Power Platform a lot of his projects have been focus on Power Apps, and the various related technologies it touches, including Power Automate and a host of integrations into Azure and of course SharePoint. We’ve wanted to get Chris on the show for ages – probably at least two years – so it was a pleasure for him to join us.

Our show notes from today’s episode:

  • What’s included in the Power Platform?
  • Power Apps and Power Automate are often built by both people in the Microsoft 365 world and the Dynamics world. Does it have a true home?
  • What is a citizen developer? What can someone achieve with low-code or no code?
  • How quickly can someone build their first app if they are not a developer?
  • What are the types of applications that need development skills to make in the Power Platform world?
  • What did people use to build apps on Office 365 before the Power Platform, for example – on SharePoint?
    • Low code prior to the Power Platform?
    • Difference between approaches
  • What makes a fully functional Power App?
  • What are the different application models for creating Power Apps?
  • When should someone consider using Premium or licenced functionality in the platform?
  • What are some of the newer advanced functionalities in the Power Platform
      • Power Virtual Agents
      • Mixed Reality
      • UI Flows
  • When should someone use the Common Data Service instead of SharePoint?
    • Why do some people prefer CDS?
    • What are the capabilities and limits of SharePoint in comparison?
  • What are some good use cases for building on the Power Platform?
  • How do we deal with Governance?
  • What is the Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit?
  • What are the ways you can deploy applications to users?

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