Episode 46 – Securing your data within Office 365

In the show today we get together to talk about how you can secure data using Microsoft 365 tools. Not in person just yet – ironically we planned to finally meet together for the episode, now we’re allowed to meet up outside – but the British weather stopped our plans in their tracks. Hopefully we’ll be recording a socially-distanced episode next week!

One of the big topics we often get asked about is what tools in the suite to use when, and what security controls you should use. It’s a massive topic in itself and one we can’t cover in it’s entirety in around thirty minutes. However we can cover one of the key components of securing your data – protecting the data itself.

So in the show today Jason asks about what some of the core terminology such as Azure RMS, AIP and MIP mean and where they can be used.

Our show notes from the episode today:

  • What security do we need to apply to our data?
  • What’s included in a cloud-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution?
  • What is Azure Rights Management Service (Azure RMS)?
  • What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)?
  • What is Microsoft Information Protection? (MIP)
  • What can we do from the Security and Compliance Centre?
  • Can we protect things besides Microsoft Office files?
  • Can we access them on things other than windows, for example iOS or android?
  • What happens if I take the data off the network and download it?
  • Can we share it outside our organisation after we download it?
  • What do I do if I have hundreds or thousands of GB of files?
  • How do I get started? How do I secure all my data in Teams or in SharePoint from leaving the environment?

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