Learn about new tenant-to-tenant migration capabilities in the latest All About 365 podcast

This week on the All About 365 podcast, Jason and I were joined by Mike Weaver, who specialises in Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations at Quadrotech.

Mike’s joined us on the show before earlier in the year and it was a pleasure to have him back on the show.

First, we discuss how tenant to tenant migrations have been delivered over the last seven months – tenant migrations often rely heavily upon third-party tools to complete successfully, and because they can be extremely complex, it isn’t uncommon for them to rely upon floor-walking and having support teams “on the ground” to resolve people’s issues post-migration. In a world of remote working, tenant migrations aren’t going away – but they need to be delivered entirely remotely. Mike shares what he’s seen, and how things have changed – in particular how smaller migrations are tending to leverage some of the automated tooling often only used by larger customers.

We also discuss Microsoft’s recent preview releases, announced at Microsoft Ignite. We’ve all waited for several years for these capabilities and Mike has up-to-date hands-on experience with these new preview capabilities and discussed where they have been helpful and some of the caveats associated with them.

Key Talking Points

Read more about the public previes for Exchange native tenant to tenant migrations (more information about signing up to SMTP domain sharing and SPO/OD4B migration preview programmes are within the Ignite sessions)

Read more about the new Teams “Import” API we discussed on the show here

Mike will be speaking this Thursday in a Petri webinar alongside Tony Redmond, Paul Robicaux and Gary Bent – where as part of a round-table session they’ll discuss a migration involving the consolidation of 120 tenants. Sign up for the Petri roundtable here.

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