It’s All About the User Experience with a deep-dive into Microsoft 365 performance with Gary Steere

It has been more than few weeks – but Jay and myself are back!  As the UK heads towards spring and things return to some semblance of normality we’ve been able to get together in person to record the next podcasts, but we’ll begin with our last remote show, joined by a special guest – Gary Steere, Microsoft Certified Master, former Microsoft MVP and CEO of Perfrax.

Gary has travelled the world speaking at Microsoft conferences (though not lately!), and worked both on the Office 365 consultancy side and for various software vendors, and has a deep focus on what’s called user experience monitoring.

User experience monitoring is quite different from tools in Microsoft 365, like Productivity Score and is all about understanding how well Microsoft 365 actually works for the people using it in the business. To successfully do this you need to have a good understanding of the service from the outside in – rather than just from the inside out. And, as things begin to return to normal – it’s a good chance to look at how you monitor not only devices, but the surrounding services too.

This episode’s key talking points

  • Monitoring the end user experience has come under the spotlight recently in the mainstream press. When we’re talking about monitoring the “user experience” what do we mean?
  • When it comes to monitoring outside of the user experience, what have Microsoft been adding to the suite?
  • How do Microsoft provide information on the user experience that’s been delivered? (Steve)
  • How do we monitor the service itself?
  • Can we know if there’s an issue for our users before they do?
  • What does it take monitor Microsoft 365?
  • What does it take monitor Microsoft 365 users/devices and solve their problems using the tools in the suite?
  • What architectural choices have Microsoft made that affect the user experience?
  • How do understand on an individual basis what good looks for like for someone and when they have an issue?

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