Back to the Office Part 3 – The Return of the Meeting Room

In Episode 53, we return for the final episode in our trilogy about returning to the office and what will be a new world of “Hybrid work” where some folks may go in, and others work remotely. Technology has moved on significantly in the last 18 months though, so expecting even reasonably modern kit to be suitable isn’t an option, and we discuss what you need to do now to prepare.

Jay and Steve

In the show, we discuss:

  • People have moved to Teams while out of the office, but left their meeting rooms behind, what happens now?
  • How do we deal with cross-organization meetings if people elsewhere are using different technologies?
  • What ways can people access meetings?
  • How do you move from device to device when you are working remotely?
  • What options from vendors like Yealink, Logitech, Lenovo, Crestron and Poly are available?
  • How do we manage Microsoft Teams Room devices and get them to be on-brand?
  • What new features are available in Microsoft Teams Rooms that are essential to the modern meeting room?
  • What’s best – an Android-based Microsoft Teams Room or a Windows IOT Enterprise system?

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