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Version 3 - obselete

Well, it's obselete now - but if you'd like a look how the add-on style Car PC was put together read on..

To see the large version of the pictures below, simply click on the image you wish to view

Inside the PC Unit

Above is the Opus 150W power supply that makes the PC work. It's great as it runs off 12V and controls the shutdown and startup of the Car PC. Quite simply put - I would be lost without it.

Above you can see it fits really well into the case I'm using - in fact this is the reason why I'm using the specific case (VIA Sereniti) is because it fits so well.


Wiring it in.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of putting the power wiring in - I was in between cameras at the time, I apologise!

However it is basically wired to the battery for the main always-on power, to ground and to the ignition to control startup. The power is wiring under the centre console, then under the carpet.

The other cabling, such as sound, VGA and USB is cabled underneath the sill carpets.

Above you can see the wiring for a USB cable under the sills on the passenger side.

In the above picture you can see in the middle the wiring for the GPS connector going up beneath the door plastic panel.

And here is the GPS receiver mounted.

Above is the audio - in. The connects2 adapter is used to connect the PC line-out into the CD-changer input of the stock stereo.

Here you can see the dashmount used to mount the screen. The good thing about the dashmount is that it's build especially for the car model so fits without modification of the car dashboard. To fit it involves unscrewing the instrument panel surround, and clipping the dashmount in behind.

And above, here it is with the screen attached.

To have a look in more detail at the exact components used (some of which aren't featured in the build) have a look in the components section

And to have a look at the completed install, have a look in the tour



Version 4 - complete
Version 3 - obselete
Version 1/2 - in the MR2

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