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If you're looking to build your own Car PC the best way is to build it yourself - unlike when I first started, it's now quite easy to buy all the right parts and have them delivered the very next day! This page of my website is dedicated to giving you what I consider good advice on where to buy the components I have used.

The only supplier I recommend is I've bought from lots of other places, but LinITX have good customer service and are regulars on the Digital-Car forums.

What you need


LinITX VoomPC-2 1.5Ghz Car PC Bundle


The LinITX bundle comes with everything you need to get started. This includes a small enclosure built for the car, a Jetway Via-powered 1.5ghz motherboard, 512MB memory, 80GB 2.5" HDD, slot loading DVDRW drive, and a 160W In Car PSU.

GPS Receiver

Globalsat BU353 USB GPS Receiver - SiRF Star III

I've had a older version of this for years. This newer version should be just as good - if not better.

Navigation Software

InfoMap Navigator 7 - Great Britain and Ireland DVD



ECU / OBDII Interface

Other items from other stores

gendan obdII scantool interface

This is the Scantool.NET interface I am using to interface with my ECU. were very helpful - I ordered by phone and they checked my VIN first to make sure it will work.

Voice Control Microphone

gendan obdII scantool interface

This is the microphone I'm using for Voice control and covert recording. It has a removable clip, so it's easy to fit inside an A-pillar so it doesn't need to be attached to your head.



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