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Here's some screenshots of the software used in the Car PC. The main front end is Centrafuse, and my old front end was MediaCar. Both can be read about over at MP3Car front ends section.


See in the "Tour the Installs" section for a video of the system in action

MediaCar (use Road Runner instead - basically the same thing)

The main MediaCar menu

Above is the Internet access application I wrote MobileWeb which I use for live traffic data

Above is the album selection screen of MediaCar - you can only see a small selection of the albums on here, as it's scrollable and split into different genres

Here you see the music playing screen, which has touch button controls for navigating the music similar to a normal head unit.

Above you can see the navigation screen, which once again is optimised for in-car use via the touchscreen. It also has features for chaning the music without changing 'screens' in the application.

And finally here is the screen using the Digimoto ECU interface software, which is showing a live display of mass air flow and RPM. I'm currently developing more user friendly touchscreen based software that looks more like something out of Fast and Furious etc.


Tour the Installs
Building the Install