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Version 2 - in the MR2

The second install in the MR2 was never completed - the MR2 met it's death before I had a chance to complete it - however here's what it looked like before I moved on to the Focus...

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The Car

Here's the Car - before it met it's death at the hands of a wall (damn walls eh - always getting in your way), it's a 1992 MR2 GT in black. It was a lot faster than my current car, the Focus - but was a pain in the ass for taking my mates around in.

The Cabin

Above you can see the same Lilliput screen I'm using in my current install, running an early version of MediaCar. The screen was was mounted so as to allow easy removal, and flipped down for access to the head unit controls.

The System

Here's the system installed behind the seat. It's the same mainboard as used in the current system, however it had to be powered by an invertor, as I got the Opus about a week before the demise of the car, and when it met it's death I'd just ripped the system out to complete 'Install #2'.


Version 4 - Complete
Version 3 - obselete
Version 2 - in the MR2

Version 1 - in the MR2

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