Recommended Exchange Reading

photoWe all have books, whitepapers and documentation that we often end up referring to from time to time, whether it’s a refresher on a topic you’re a little rusty on or just to double check a few facts.

For my benefit and yours, here’s my handy list of Exchange reference material – now updated to include books I’ve written, contributed a chapter to or technically reviewed.

Books I’ve written

  • Exam Ref 70-342 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 – Steve Goodman and Brian Reid (from and
  • Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013 High Availability – Paul Cunningham, Michael Van Horenbeeck and Steve Goodman (from
  • iPhone with Exchange Server 2010 – Business Integration and Deployment – Steve Goodman (from or

Books I’ve been involved with

  • Exchange Server 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution – Nathan Winters, Neil Johnson and Nicolas Blank (from or
  • Exchange 2013 Inside Out: Connectivity, Clients and UM – Paul Robichaux (from or

Other Books

Documentation and Reference

Exchange 2013 Full Help CHM
Exchange 2010 SP3 Full Help CHM
Exchange 2010 SP1 Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide
JetStress Field Guide 2013
JetStress Field Guide 2010
Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Posts
Exchange Server 2010 Architecture Poster
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Transport Server Role Architecture Diagrams
RFC 2821 – SMTP
RFC 2822 – Internet Message Format
RFC 3501 – IMAP 4 Rev 1
RFC 1939 – POP3
RFC 2595 – Using TLS with IMAP, POP3 and ACAP
RFC 3261 – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Exchange 2010 Datacenter Switchover Troubleshooter Diagram